Monireh Zahedi

Monireh Zahedi

Doctoral student

Department Fachdidaktiken
Juniorprofessur Didaktik der Sozialkunde / Politik und Gesellschaft

Regensburger Str. 160
90478 Nürnberg

Curriculum vitae

  • Teacher
    • Eighteen years of experience in teaching English and social sciences in Iran in high schools
    • One of the central members of the „teachers team leaders“ for three years
    • Being a university lecturer for one year, two semesters, teaching the subjects of international law, human rights, and legal texts in Payam- Noor University in Tehran Province
    • Volunteer Works: Teaching to „labor children without identity documents, deprived of education.“ once a week, for ten years
  • Research University Activities
    • 2019: How to Overcome Child Marriage in Iran, Ambiguities in Politics, Legislation, and Judiciary. (Master’s Thesis)
    • 2018: Discrimination against Girls in Iran, an Analytic Study on Paragraph 29 of the Last Concluding Observation of the Committee of the Convention on the Right of the Child for Iran
    • 2018: Where Does Freedom of Religion and Belief Stand in the Issue of Obligatory Veiling at Schools in Iran?
    • 2012: The Right to Education; An Analytic Study on Iran. (Master’s Thesis)
    • 2000: The Effect of Poverty on Deprivation of the Right to Education of the Girls in Karaj City, Iran.

Forschungs- und Arbeitsschwerpunkte

  • Rotating between Internal Ideologies and International Obligations. An Investigation on Human Rights Education in the School System of Iran through a Content Analysis of the Textbooks.


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